Alice Project’s Newest Unit: Game Girls!

Game Girls
Mixing games and idols is a combination not seen often, but when it happens we get very excited!

Today, Alice Project, home of niche idol groups/units such as Armor Girls, Steam Girls and also Alice Juban, made the grand announcement of their latest niche to hit the PARMS stage in Akihabara: Game Girls!

Game Girls are the self proclaimed “first Japan game idol unit”. Their aim is to be the strongest game idol unit in Japanese Entertainment. They also dream of appearing in commercials for their favorite games!

This 6 piece unit will have their first show on March 6th in Akihabara and each girl covers a specific genre in gaming. So without further a do, let’s meet Game Girls!

Sakura Yuki

Sakura Yuki: FPS Specialist

  • Currently attending Tokyo University
  • A member of Steam Girls
  • Favorite games are Killzone and Call of Duty
  • Imported a Playstation 4!
  • Usually plays after studying and can’t sleep until she does.
  • Likes to play smart by using sound awareness and effective strategies.

Sakura Nodoka

Sakura Nodoka: RPG Specialist

  • Leader of Alice Juban.
  • Very responsible and very calm personality.
  • Loves the Final Fantasy series
  • Wants a Chocobo as a pet.
  • Also likes Monster Hunter and wants to try monster hunting in real life.
  • Parents banned her from gaming when she was a kid because she played them too much.

Watanabe Maari

Watanabe Maari: Action Game Specialist

  • Member of Alice Juban.
  • Talented at Y balance.
  • Her favorite game series are Dynsaty Warriors and Assassin’s Creed.
  • When she starts playing games, she usually plays from morning until night.

Tachibana Anna

Tachibana Anna: Fighting Game Specialist

  • Center of Alice Juban.
  • Known for her crowdsurf during “Natsu Da Ne”.
  • Has been playing Street Fighter 2 since she was in kindergarden.
  • She has played it so much, she remembers the BGM!
  • Her favorite character is Chun Li.
  • She wants to be come the no. 1 Street Fighter player!

Mori Kanon

Mori Kanon: Sports Game Specialist

  • The mood maker of Machikado Keiki Japan and Alice Juban.
  • Has appeared on variety shows and has done gavure.
  • She is good at doing impersonations while hand-standing.
  • Likes Soccer games.
  • Her favorites series are FIFA, Winning Eleven and Jikkyou J-League Perfect Striker.
  • She doesn’t know a lot about soccer but she likes it anyway.

Kubota Misa

Kubota Misa: Puzze Game Specialist

  • Youngest member of Game Girls.
  • Promoted last year from trainee group Slime Girls.
  • Hobby is watching sharks(?).
  • Her favorite series include Puto Puto, Tetris and Number play games like Sudoku.
  • Her day starts and ends with playing games.
  • She wants to be the world’s no. 1 puzzle game player.


We’re certainly game for Game Girls! These ladies are idols we want to meet! Experience has proven that meeting idols is hard enough, especially you you don’t have anything good to say. If you’re a gamer, at least now it’ll get a lot easier!

Game Girls, let’s talk games!

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