Updated: Place Your Bets on the Election! AKVegas Is Here!

Hello community members! We will be taking bets on the election! There will be one winner for the prop bets and one winner who makes the most accurate projection of the top 32 ranking! The two winners will win a mystery prize!

Place your prop bets!

01. A member who ranked last year that will take the biggest jump
02. A member who ranked last year that will take the biggest drop
03. Team with the most members in top 16
04. Team with the most members in top 32
05. Team with the most members in top 48
06. Team with the most members in top 64
07. Number of SKE members in top 64
08. Number of NMB members in top 64
09. Number of HKT members in top 64
10. Number of KKS in top 64
11. How many members from the top 16 last year will not be in the top 16 this year
12. How many members will cry during their election speech
13. Who will be Ms. Irrelevant (member to rank 64th)
14. Who will be the Undergirls center
15. The member who will rank the highest without having been in their groups’ single(obviously no HKT members)



Make your top 32 projection!

Rank how you think the top 32 will play out, points will be awarded based on how accurate your predictions are.

No. Spots off = No. Points awarded:

0 = 5 points
1 = 4 points
2 = 3 points
3 = 2 points
4 = 1 point
5+ = 0 points

If you correctly predict that Oshima Yuko ranks 1st you’ll get 5 points. If you’re wrong and she ranks 2nd you get 4 points and so on. Whoever gets the highest score is the winner.

*Matsui Jurina will count as a Team S and Team K member. Watanabe Miyuki will count as Team N and Team B member.

If you want to take part and compete against the NSK staff please feel free to submit prop bets through the prop bet form in this link and your top 32  via the Contact form at the top of the page. We look forward to seeing how you all think the elections will play out. Deadline for submission is May 30th which is a week before the election! May Lady Fortune be on your side…

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  1. When is the deadline for submitting bets?

  2. Deadline is May 30th! sorry forgot to mention that! let me fix the post!

  3. I wanna ask if I can copy you guys idol to make something in our fandom. The same game but I mean there is pretty knowledged guy about AKB48 and there are some guys that came to the theater before. I can somehow send you guys some rank that I from our admin and mod who was a hardcore of AKB48. Then you guys can discuss man. I hope I can be your guest someday

  4. For 03 to 06; Are we talking about individual Teams? Team KII, Team B, Team E, etc??

  5. Sounds fun, one question though: Will Watanabe Miyuki and Matsui Jurina be considered as Team B/ Team K, or will they stay in their own groups (or count as both?), because that will influence my rankings.

  6. If a member who ranked last year totally falls out of the rankings, how big of a drop would that be?

    • The lowest ranking would be 64th for that. So, Oshima Yuko would have the biggest drop if she ranks 64th this year.

  7. So if, say, Masuda (who ranked 20th last year) did not rank inside the 64 this year, does this count as her having dropped 44 places (if we equate not ranking = 64th)?

    • No, they need to rank within the 64 to be considered because if they fall beyond 64th, we won’t know how many spots they actually fell.

  8. Oh gorrammit I submitted mine w/the contact form earlier today–should I resubmit with google doc instead?

  9. Damn, most of my answers for questions 3-6 ended in a tie…

    Can we get an official ruling on what counts as a cry. Must we see tears or does getting choked up count? These distinctions are obviously of utmost importance.

    Anyway, thanks dudes for setting this up it’s going to be fun fo sho.

  10. Thanks for making this.
    Hmm, will certainly take a while to fill out the top 32 list.

  11. Upon further review, I regret not having P07 and P10 as limited answers from Min 00 to Max 64; a learning curve to be measured by. Good luck to everyone.

  12. Posted mine now! well the list anyway, do the prop bets soon!

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