AKS Worth Watching, September 27th

AKS Worth Watching, September 27th

A few shows taking a break this week, but there’s still plenty out there so let’s take a look at what’s worth watching in the world of 48 groups this week!

140920 HKT48 no Goboten ep17
140920 HKT48 no Goboten ep17 – Ueki Nao and Shimono Yuki spend some time messing about on trains, and then back in the studio there’s a drawing quiz.

Rating: rating-two
Nothing really remarkable this week, so unless you’re a fan of Ueki or Shimono you can skip this one and not miss out on much.

140921 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep152
140921 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep152 – All of the members have a few minutes to draw a sketch of co-host Himura-san, with…interesting results for sure.

Rating: rating-four
The huge variances in Nogi-members’ drawing abilities lead to some interesting and hilarious portraits.

140923 AKBINGO ep307
140923 AKBINGO ep307 – The search for AKB’s “true center” begins! But in this case, we’re looking for the literal middle-member. Four members compete with one average, normal girl in a series of challenges and the person that completes the challenge 3rd (in the middle) gets hit with a punishment game!

Rating: rating-five
Classic AKBingo shenanigans this week as a strong, varied lineup embarrass themselves for our pleasure.

140924 HKT48 no Odekake! ep86
140924 HKT48 no Odekake! ep86 – This week’s episode is made up almost entirely of parts of the opening Goto/Sashihara talk segments that were edited out of past episodes.

Rating: rating-two
An all-talk episode, so if you’re not interested in Goto and Sasshi chatting with each other you’ll want to skip this one. There’s some funny moments like Sasshi worrying about being alone in a cab with Goto though, so if you understand Japanese you’ll get some enjoyment out of this episode.

140923 French Kiss no Kiss-tabi ep13 (final)
140923 French Kiss no Kiss-tabi ep13 (final) – In this final episode of French Kiss no Kiss-Tabi, the girls wrap up their trip to Hong Kong with more food and a fancy rooftop outing, plus a nice surprise for one of the girls.

Rating: rating-two
Sadly, another “more of the same” episode. As much as I enjoyed seeing these three on TV regularly, the first half of the series was the more interesting half. Hopefully we’ll see more of these three on TV in the near-future.

140922 SKE48 Ebisho! ep11
140922 SKE48 Ebisho! ep11 – Two teams are formed for a cooking challenge! Are Watanabe Miyuki’s cooking skills as good as her fishing skills?

Rating: rating-four
A fun and cute competition, just make sure not to watch this while hungry or it’ll be torture!

140919 HKT Shakariki 48 ep12
140919 HKT Shakariki 48 ep12 – Kojina Yui’s shift is up and she’ll be working in a flower market. She’ll be moving, stacking and sorting flowers for auction.

Rating: rating-three
If you’re a fan of Jiina you’ll enjoy this episode for sure, but otherwise it’s an unremarkable episode.

140921 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 16 ep09
140921 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 16 ep09 – Following up from last season’s air-gun target-shooting competition, Nagao Mariya is now ready to shoot the real thing. But first she must get licensed. This episode follows her studies and we find out the results of the test.

Rating: rating-one
IF you wanna watch someone study and take a test, you’ll love this! Otherwise, save yourself some time.

What shows did you enjoy this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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