AKS under appreciated idol ranking 2014


While working on the list of idols that I thought would have the largest increase in popularity in 2014, I also came up with a list of idols who I think should become more popular this year but probably won’t.

Let’s take a look.

Kinoshita Haruna (NMB48)

What more can you say about Kinoshita Haruna? The girl is beautiful, smart and funny. She leads the MCs during stages and concerts, she knows how to draw the other girls out and when to throw out a joke. There is nothing not to like about her. However for whatever reason she seems to be ignored.
Kinoshita Momoka (NMB48)

Momoka is another girl where really, what else needs to be said? She's funny, cute and a little bit of an idiot. I would say she is probably funnier than Haruna but doesn't have the timing and finesse that Haruna does. Then you find out she is a bit of a pervert, and pretty wota as well. Everyone should check her out because she doesn't get near enough the exposure that she should.
Wakatabe Haruka (HKT48)

For Wakaharu it's still early and she still has plenty of time to shine but in the idol world it's never really too early. She seems to be one of the backbones of HKT, but not that popular, which I don't understand. She's pretty, her look isn't just one dimensional and she can look so different with just a few changes. There have been times I haven't even recognized her. I won't say she is funny but she is witty. If you like the sporty type or any of the reasons I listed go check her out. She's awesome.
Isohara Kyoka (SKE48)

Everything about Wakatabe also applies to Kyon, though I would say Kyoka is a bit funnier. Kyon is a girl I've followed from the beginning, apparently I really like the sportier girls but they don't seem to be popular with majority of fans. Although Kyoka has started gaining favor recently since she was moved to Team S with her first time ranking in the elections. I hope to see much more of her in the future including in senbatsu.
Ogasawara Mayu (NMB48)

I somewhat feel that Maachun has peaked or near peaked in her popularity but I would love to see her rise to the top. Maachun is absolute comedic gold in idol form, she doesn't seem to be embarrassed by anything and will do anything to get a reaction. I don't see why people haven't gravitated to her more. She has been in a lot of the senbatsu singles and is a good solid backbone for the group. Combine Maachun and Haruna together and you have a great pair for MCs.
Tano Yuka (AKB48)

This girl is so pretty I don't have words for it, her dancing is also amazing. She can be out there having fun and being completely silly, but when she turns serious I wouldn't want to stand in her way. I think if she puts her mind to it nothing could stop her except herself, which does seem to be a problem. She is very introspective and hard on herself which causes her to doubt her abilities. On TV Shows she's either stealing the camera or withdrawn and quiet letting the other members do their thing. She could easily steal the reaction queen title from Yukirin if she wanted to. Check her out, you won't be disappointed in her.
Which idols do you think will be underappreciated in 2014? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. confused as to why there are nmb members when nmb isn’t aks.

  2. I feel this list has some serious heft in the truth department. Maachun’s fall out of spotlight is boggling to me. When Lemon got seconded to NMB, I was expecting Genin Season3 to be the two of them taking over the frikkin comedy world.

    Tano Yuka has been working the reaction Queen hard on AKBingo, and she seems to be at the center of mischief every chance she gets.

  3. Rather then picking a single member i would say that all of the 12th gen AKB are highly underrated and unappreciated… There is no weak link at all in that generation as they are all highly talented and naturals in front of the camera…. Tano, Juri, and Hilary are some of AKB most entertaining members yet they still get snubbed out of singles in favor of other bland members

  4. Oya Shizuka is one…she’s always been in the background but when she mc’s she mc’s hard… and her singing is tops as well

  5. Big thumbs up for the Tanochan rep. Essentially I like 12gen as a whole and think each member brings something interesting to the table. Though for me any Gen from 12 onwards I’m happy with and am glad with the selection of each. I would just like to see more of them featured even though I know its just gonna be the musketeers and possibly Owada in the forefront, especially 12th gen being my favorite. Though they are getting more variety opportunists but still….

    I think the reason why I stan the newer gen girls is because I like stanning girls with potential but aren’t quite there yet, I also personally find it hard to root for Senbatsu members (though I appreciate and respect a whole bunch of them especially gen1-3), but rooting for a Senbatsu member feels like rooting for someone who’s already crossed the finish line, older gen even more so cause they’ve done……..everything.

    Tanochan reminds me of me in that my biggest enemy was my own mentality. I was known as someone talented with a tonne of potential but suffered from anxiety in which it felt like an invisible cage trapped me put my life on a standstill as I beat myself up. Once I got over it life took off gloriously.

    Tanochan is someone that reeks of potential. She essentially has everything a good idol needs kind of like when I first saw Yuko in 2008 though not as restricted. Her own worst enemy is her own mentality, when shes in a good place she’s super hyper entertaining and she also brings out the best of the people around her with her positive energy, though out of her comfort zone she struggles. While for an idol singing and dancing ability isn’t important she has those in stride. Technically her and Moe (13th gen) are probably the 2 best dancers of the group considering their background, also shes a decent singer, not Karen level of course who is trained singer that did musicals, but she has a steady vibrato which is incredibly rare for an untrained singer (I’d like to hear what she’d sound like with proper training). She was complimented for her performance ability by Takamina, Yuko, Yui, Sayaka and Sae big shots that would definitely know what they’re taking about.

    She worry’s A LOT, possibly takes some things too seriously and beats herself up when things aren’t perfect. She’s put an invisible barrier in front of her in which case we only see a fraction of what she can do. Regarding her future She can go in 3 different ways.
    1.Keep this constant battle in her head as she has some off moments and some shining moments like she is now.
    2.Get worse as the criticisms and lack of progress add up and she deflates further
    3.Changes her outlook and mentality and breaks though the barrier.
    I’m hoping its 3 for in which case, she’ll no longer hold herself back, focus on the positives not the negatives, enjoy herself a lot more and show more of what she can do, not strive for perfection while strengthening her strengths and improving her weaknesses. If she reaches this state of mind the sky is the limit and she’ll soar and probably take a few people up there with her.

    Holy Hell Long post…..sorry bout that.

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