AKS Power Rankings October 2014


In our third and final Power Ranking for this month, we take a look at how things stacked up in the world of the 48 family in the last 30 days.

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(=)September appears to be a slow month for AKB and its sister groups. There were a few highlights this month, though only one or two were worth mentioning.

The AKB48 Annual Janken Tournament was held on September 17th, and wielded some interesting results. The winner this year was NMB48 Team BII / SKE48 Team S’s Watanabe Miyuki, who will receive a solo debut single as her prize. The runner-up, Kojima Haruna, and the next 14 placers will sing the coupling song on the single.

Also at the tournament was the announcement of the 38th single senbatsu: this single comprises 33 members, with a Watanabe Mayu (Team B) / Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48 Team KIV / AKB48 Team A) double center. Newcomers to regular (not including janken singles) AKB single senbatsu from AKB only include Muto Tomu, Tano Yuka, Oshima Ryoka, Kawamoto Saya, Mukaichi Mion, and Team 8 member Nakano Izumi. This stir-up in AKB senbatsu is bound to bring out some interesting results in the next single, which will release on November 26th.

A sort of social phenomenon took over AKB this month, with the 755 app on smartphones that allows for fans to communicate freely with members through asking questions. Many interesting discoveries were made through squeezing none other than Akimoto Yasushi for information, such as the possible formation of an Okinawa48 or a Sapporo48, and the confirmation of Takahashi Minami’s 2nd solo single and first album. In other subunit news, AKB48 Team Surprise dropped quite a few promotional singles for their pachinko campaign this month, including “Hungry Lion”, “Yume wo Miru nara” and “Hatsukoi no Kagi”.

Lastly, the continuation of the AKB48 x Baitoru campaign produced a rather strange output: instead of scouting one part-time member for AKB48 as expected, Baitoru yielded 53 new part-time members. The details of these members are currently unknown, but will probably come to light as many pressure to learn the details.
(+3)Borrowing some momentum from AKB, a quick intro to this month’s NMB48 talk is the introduction of Shiroma Miru into AKB48 senbatsu with the mother group’s 38th single. Congrats Mirurun!

NMB this month brings out a few last-minute announcements to spice up October: NMB’s Kenkyuusei will start a new stage (date currently unknown) and the senbatsu announcement of NMB’s 10th single during the last night of NMB’s summer tour. This single will have a Yagura Fuuko / Shiroma Miru double center, and will release on November 5th.

Newcomers to NMB’s senbatsu include Kushiro Rina and Nishimura Aika; additionally, a comeback for NMB’s most eccentric member Kinoshita Momoka (who recently dyed her hair bright blue) sees her make her return to senbatsu. With this power lineup, NMB is sure to take the stage in the upcoming months!
(-1)Similar to NMB’s introduction, here’s another for HKT with AKB’s 38th single: Moriyasu Madoka, who has never before been in AKB48 senbatsu, was marked as a senbatsu member for AKB’s upcoming 38th single. Additionally, though this was already stated, HKT’s very own Miyawaki Sakura was made double center along with Mayuyu from AKB for the latter group’s next single. Congratulations to Madoka and Sakura!

In comparison to its Osaka sisters, HKT48 is wrapping up its most recent activities. HKT48’s 4th single “Hikaeme I love you!”, sold about 93,000 copies in its first day and around 274,000 copies in its first week, slapping down another first week sales record for the group and setting a record for first female group to chart #1 on Oricon for its first four singles. HKT is marking its place in the entertainment industry, and will most likely continue to do so with a trend like this.
(-1)Nogizaka46, having done so well in the past few months, now lies low as the group prepares for the upcoming release of their 10th single, “Nandome no Aozora ka?” One announcement this month marks September a done month for Nogizaka, and that announcement is of a third season for NOGIBINGO!

Aside from that, there are three downsides to September. First generation member Ito Nene and second generation members Yada Risako and Yonetoku Kyoka all announced their graduations this month. Hopefully the three will do well outside of Nogizaka as they pursue their dreams for their own futures.
(-1)For once, SKE48 hasn’t been the bright and sunshine-y idol group they were. Though the members are still in tip-top shape, the group has had literally no major activities since the release of “Bukiyou Taiyou”, their last single. Here’s to hoping that maybe their management team will start speeding the group up again for some new activities coming up.

How would you rank all of the AKS groups over the past month? Leave a comment and let us know!

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