AKS Power Rankings Mar 2014


It’s time for the Monthly Power Rankings for AKS groups. Based on the events that occurred in the month of February, these rankings have been compiled by our new Trainee Member Quiana.

How did the shuffles influence the power struggle? How about HKT’s new single announcement? Is NMB on the bottom again?

RankGroupPrevious (+/-)Comments
(=)There has been a lot of talk about the results of the Dai Sokaku Matsuri shuffle, and AKB definitely had the most radical changes; there were about 10 new permanent transfers/concurrencies, which is almost double the original number. Mae Shika Mukanee was also released this February to sales somewhat less than expected (what with it being Yuko’s graduation single and all), but good sales nonetheless.
(+1)SKE’s own sort of Tokyo Dome dream has been achieved—the energetic group finally had their much-anticipated solo Nagoya Dome concert, to the delight of both members and fans alike. Their 14th single, titled “Mirai to wa?” was also announced at the concert, and along with the new stages coming up and new members from the shuffle, SKE has a big year ahead of them.
(+2)Activity for NMB has heightened compared to January, pushing the group up the ranks. NMB48 Geinin! THE MOVIE RETURNS was announced and will bring the Namba girls’ variety talents back to the limelight. The introduction of three permanent transfers from the AKB motherland and the unexpected concurrency of sousenkyo #4 Kashiwagi Yuki will also bring much more publicity to NMB in the near future. Though Team M captain Shimada Rena’s graduation announcement slightly darkens the bright times to come.
(-2)Hakata’s group received their first Music Station appearance on Valentine’s Day, performing their next single, “Sakura, Minna de Tabeta”. With the arrival of NakoMiku and the return of Chori into senbatsu as well as the solid team lineup after the Dai Sokaku Matsuri shuffle, HKT’s image is constantly being kept fresh in early 2014.
(-1)The announcement of "Kidzuitara Kataomoi", centered by Nishino Nanase, brought a lot of hype at first, but the Dai Sokaku Matsuri shuffle completely drowned it out with the concurrencies of SKE’s Matsui Rena in and Ikoma Rina out to AKB Team B. Competition between the two groups will definitely heat up when the shuffle is implemented; expect lots of exposure for the two coming soon.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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