AKS Power Rankings June 2014


NSK trainee Quiana gives you the rundown on how she thought each of the AKS groups performed over the last month.

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(=)AKB48 is still at the top this month, for both desirable and undesirable reasons. May started out with Team K’s opening performance for their new stage "RESET", which was followed by the release of a new AKB48 music rhythm game for iOS and Android. Not long after on May 21st, "Labrador Retriever" was released, which sold around 1.6 million copies in its first week on sale and brought up the hype for AKB. On the same day, Team Surprise made their comeback with their own version of "Labrador Retriever", which was definitely not expected. Additionally, Sousenkyo preliminary results were released with Sashihara Rino once again taking the top spot, proving that the rise of the other 48 groups is still going strong.

The major event in May that keeps AKB a hot topic, however, was the attack on Kawaei Rina, Iriyama Anna and a male staff member that happened during a joint "Heart Ereki" / "Mae Shika Mukanee" handshake event. Kawaei, Iriyama and the staff member were all inflicted with non-life-threatening lacerations and other wounds before being sent to the hospital, where they underwent surgery and were later released. This attack is a landmark in 48G history and will most likely change the future of handshake events and other idol events in many ways.
(+2)NMB48’s month has been going pretty well compared to the last few months that have gone by, though the group hasn’t had many activities. Team M had their "RESET" opening performance early in the month, while later on NMB48 Request Hour Best 50 was held with "Almond Croissant Keikaku" by Team BII taking the top spot. At the same concert, NMB’s new single "Ibiza Girl" was announced and performed, with a 22-member senbatsu including all of the concurrent members. This month has been a pretty good rebound for NMB, and the month of June will definitely be something to look forward to.
(=)Nogizaka46 retains their newfound top three position this month, and with good reason too. The group’s 9th single (currently untitled) was announced early in the month, with a 17-member senbatsu. That senbatsu was announced later, with Hori Miona being pushed back, Matsui Rena entering the 10-Fukujin and Nishino Nanase retaining her center spot from "Kidzuitara Kataomoi". The last event for Nogizaka was the first performance of "16nin no Principal Trois", which also brought the announcement for a solo concert at Jingu Stadium on August 30th and a summer national tour. Nogizaka’s been going strong for the past two months; it’s been nice to see that the rival group is beginning to gain more ground in the idol competition.
(-2)Not much has been going on for HKT48 this month as there has been in the past few months. Team KIV had the opening performance of their new stage – "Theater no Megami", but there hasn’t been much in the way of big event-type things at all. Since NMB announced their new single, we can expect HKT to have one coming up in the next few months; but other than that, the group has experienced a large drop in activity and subsequently their ranking.
(=)SKE48 is still at the bottom for now, since the group still hasn’t had much to do at all. Team E had their opening performance for "Te wo Tsunaginagara"; similarly to HKT, however, nothing else has happened. Still, there was one graduation announcement – Sora Miyuka, who had chosen to not participate in this year’s sousenkyo. The first half of 2014 has passed for SKE without much going on; let’s hope that the second half of the year is full of surprises.

How would you rank all of the AKS groups over the past month? Leave a comment and let us know!

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