AKS Power Rankings Feb 2014

AKS Power Rankings

This is David, based on the activities during the month of January, here are my AKS Power Rankings.

RankGroupPrevious (+/-)Comments
N/AAKB's album came out to great first week sales largely in part to the two shot tie in promotion. Don't expect it to be easy to keep the number one spot when Yuko graduates next month.
N/AAKS's freshest group keeps churning along. With strong performances at Kohaku and the recent promotions of KKS members, things keep looking better and better for the little sister group.
N/AWith two major graduations announced, SKE's membership took a big hit. Add in the AKS shuffles and SKE could become a shadow of itself in the coming months.
N/AIt's has been and probably always will be difficult for N46 to break into the Top 3. Their music tends venture a bit from the main idol formula. But they are putting out strong showings on their shows. They'll need a new single announcement to make some moves.
N/ASomebody had to be last month, unfortunately it's NMB. They've had a bunch of graduations over the last year. The last few singles just haven't popped. Has the groups pop power stalled? It'll depend a lot on next months single.

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