Akimoto Yasushi like I’ve Never seen Him.

I stumbled across this ridiculously detailed HD-res photo of Akimoto Yasushi. You can see his thinning hairline, his porous skin, his poorly maintained fingernails, even flecks of dandruff on his pristine suit.

It’s freakin me out.

Click below to see the image.


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  1. My lord that is a detailed photo! Now if only there were shots like this for team A, I could study Sashiko’s skin, so that when I meet her at a handshaking event, I can tell her which spots on her face are my favourite. She’d be really impressed by that!

  2. Goddammit… I had a question going on my mind recently, do they act as if they actually like their producer ? (i mean the girls) Cause i have difficulties not to see a over-aged otaku behind his suit…

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