akimoto sayaka’s senbatsu 2010 campaign

as the senbatsu election draws nearer, anticipation grows.  man, senbatsu kinda bums me out.  not sure exactly how i feel about the double edged sword of giving power to the fans.  it’ll give some girls a huge ego boost, while others will receive disappointment.

but something just dawned on me;  i thought sayaka was a shoe-in for senbatsu, but apparently she’s more popular among western fans than in japan.  and japanese residents call the shots for senbatsu.  akimoto sayaka isn’t a huge fan-favorite, but she was able to be placed #12 at the last election.

i have a worrying feeling that it might not happen this time.  fans were a saving grace for some members at the last senbatsu, and it could have been a one-time thing.

but that doesn’t mean sayaka won’t have fun calling out to her fans to rally support in her own tomboy way:

you cannot watch this and tell me that sayaka isn’t awesome.  i really hope she makes it, i’m a big sayaka advocate.


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