AKB’s Lost Stages Will Finally Be Let Free

Hana, a helpful administrator of Nihongogo forums has informed us AKB fans that the wait is nearly over.

For those who do not know, AKB’s theater stages A4, K4, B3, and Himawari Gumi 1 & 2 have been locked away in the AKS vault, making the heart grow ever fonder for the songs that could possibly never see the light of day. Fans made due with audio rips of video performances that were adequate, but it doesn’t get even close to the real deal. Soon it was just accepted that these songs may never get a real release, and repressed it to the back of our minds.

Well the wondering is finally over, as it was announced by Togasaki, the manager of the AKB theater, that these lost stages are planned to come out sometime this October at the soonest. This is fantastic news; I can FINALLY listen to some of my absolute favorite AKB theater songs in pristine quality, songs like Tadaima Renaichuu, Stand Up, Kagami no Naka no Jean da Arc, and Viva! Hurricane, just to name a few. This is a huge service to the fans, since it means a REAL complete discography is now possible for AKB48. This could very well be the best idol news I’ve heard this year; I cannot wait to get my hands on these.


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  1. October can’t come soon enough. I’m glad we’re finally getting some high quality recordings of all of these songs. As if AKS didn’t already have enough of our money, right?

  2. Woww I can’t believe the day has come; I was beginning to have doubts about them releasing those stages. B3rd is probably my favorite stage, and I could never find a decent quality rip of H2.

    Now the real question is, will they be re-recorded with current members or with the original voices? Like how in AKBingo they censor out graduated members?

  3. I can’t wait!

  4. Eh? Viva Hurricane is the b-side on the Yuuhi ga miteiru ka single.

    • Is it?? i dont have that single, but I know it’s from the Himawari Gumi stage, and they have different members singing. Now I’m gonna get it, thanks!

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