AKB48 Top 32 Election Predictions by NSK Staff Reveal!

The top 32 predictions made by the NSK staff for the AKB48 Election are in! Take a look!

32Kuramochi AsukaMaeda AmiOya ShizukaMiyazaki MihoOya Shizuka
31Yagami KumiOya ShizukaOta AikaNakagawa HarukaMiyazaki Miho
30Ogiso ShioriKizaki YuriaNakagawa HarukaOya MasanaOya Masana
29Mukaida ManatsuOta AikaKizaki YuriaHata SawakoHata Sawako
28Akimoto SayakaKuramochi AsukaOya MasanaIchikawa MioriNakagawa Haruka
27Oya MasanaShimazaki HarukaKuramochi AsukaOta AikaOta Aika
26Furukawa AiriSuda AkariHata SawakoWatanabe MiyukiMasuda Yuka
25Suda AkariOya MasanaMasuda YukaShimazaki HarukaSuda Akari
24Hata SawakoMasuda YukaSuda AkariSuda AkariSato Amina
23Masuda YukaSato AminaShimazaki HarukaMasuda YukaAkimoto Sayaka
22Sato AminaTakayanagi AkaneSato AminaTakayanagi AkaneTakayanagi Akane
21Watanabe MiyukiUmeda AyakaTakayanagi AkaneUmeda AyakaWatanabe Miyuki
20Shimazaki HarukaWatanabe MiyukiUmeda AyakaSato AminaUmeda Ayaka
19Takayanagi AkaneHata SawakoWatanabe MiyukiKasai TomomiShimazaki Haruka
18Yamamoto SayakaKasai TomomiAkimoto SayakaAkimoto SayakaKuramochi Asuka
17Umeda AyakaAkimoto SayakaYamamoto SayakaKuramochi AsukaMinegishi Minami
16Kitahara RieKitahara RieKasai TomomiYokoyama YuiKasai Tomomi
15Kasai TomomiMinegishi MinamiYokoyama YuiYamamoto SayakaYokoyama Yui
14Minegishi MinamiTakajo AkiTakajo AkiMinegishi MinamiYamamoto Sayaka
13Yokoyama YuiYokoyama YuiKitahara RieTakajo AkiKitahara Rie
12Matsui JurinaYamamoto SayakaMinegishi MinamiMatsui JurinaTakajo Aki
11Miyazawa SaeMiyazawa SaeMatsui JurinaMiyazawa SaeMiyazawa Sae
10Itano TomomiItano TomomiMiyazawa SaeKitahara RieMatsui Jurina
9Takajo AkiMatsui JurinaMatsui RenaItano TomomiItano Tomomi
8Matsui RenaMatsui RenaItano TomomiMatsui RenaMatsui Rena
7Kojima HarunaKojima HarunaKojima HarunaSashihara RinoKojima Haruna
6Sashihara RinoTakahashi MinamiSashihara RinoKojima HarunaSashihara Rino
5Takahashi MinamiWatanabe MayuTakahashi MinamiTakahashi MinamiShinoda Mariko
4Shinoda MarikoShinoda MarikoShinoda MarikoShinoda MarikoTakahashi Minami
3Kashiwagi YukiKashiwagi YukiWatanabe MayuWatanabe MayuWatanabe Mayu
2Watanabe MayuSashihara RinoKashiwagi YukiOshima YukoKashiwagi Yuki
1Oshima YukoOshima YukoOshima YukoKashiwagi YukiOshima Yuko

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  1. hello yoshi, i’ve read your previous post on your thoughts on the election this year but i was wondering what you think the senbatsu order is going to be. I was just wondering if you can tell me your prediction on the elections since i am a big fan of NSK and I wanted to hear from other points of view. I thought NSK would be a reliable source since The prediction made by you guys are really close! Especially Dae with his top 3 prediction is amazing!!

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