AKB48 to appear at New York City’s 9th annual Japan Day @ Central Park

Save the date! On Sunday, May 10th, 2015, AKB48 joins multiple cultural acts in New York City for Japan Day @ Central Park. In a somewhat last minute announcement reminiscent of AKB48 coming to Washington D.C., Japan Day posted the above video on their Facebook page as well as updated their website. The attending members will be: Iwatate Saho, Oshima Ryoka, Muto Tomu, Kojima Haruna, Hirata Rina, and Nozawa Rena. They are slotted for 3:30pm for a 20 minute dance & vocal performance. Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments!

Japan Day @ Central Park is a highly anticipated annual event in spring that celebrates Japanese culture with New Yorkers. Japan Day kicks off with the Japan Run, followed by the Kids’ Race. Like traditional Japanese summer festivals, it provides food and activity tents as well as a stage program displaying a wide range of Japanese culture, including both traditional and contemporary performances.

Japan Day is officially supported by Mayor Bill de Blasio, The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, the Central Park Conservancy, the Consulate-General of Japan in New York, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, The Nippon Club and many Japanese and American corporations. Since its establishment in 2007, this family-friendly event has captured the interest of New Yorkers with over 50,000 people attending each year, and we have been thrilled to watch Japan Day garner the praise of the public.

Source: Japan Day @ Central Park Official Website

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  1. You know that I will be coming!

  2. I was already going to Japan Day, so suffice to say, nothing has changed– incentive level up. Me and my girlfriend are planning the kidnapping of Saho, I’ll also take my time salivating over nyannyan.

  3. This is probably one of the worst pieces of news I’ve ever heard about AKB. So let me get this straight… AKB hasn’t performed in America in many years, they decide to send 6 girls, most of whom aren’t really big names (except Kojiharu), and then play in central park for a grand total of 20 minutes? I suppose this is only good news if you are an AKB fan who lives in NYC, but for people like me who live in LA, I can’t justify spending all that money to fly to NYC to see the girls perform for not even a half an hour. That’s not only lame, but it’s offensive to all the American AKB fans like myself. Why can’t they just come over here and do a PROPER tour? Or even two full shows with an actual REAL lineup with senbatsu members as a majority? If Perfume could come play NYC and LA and KPP, there’s no excuse that the biggest idol group ever to come out of Japan and who put a BILLION dollars into Japan’s economy last year can’t do their best to visit the US and give it their all. I will never understand Japanese artists or idols for this reason. And as a huge fan of AKB, this is probably some of the most depressing news I think I’ve ever heard from them.
    Thanks AKI-P for your brilliant decision making on this one. Too bad it’s an EPIC FAIL.

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