AKB48 on 'Wednesday J-POP'

‘wednesday j-pop’ is a music show by NHK, who also does ‘MUSIC JAPAN’, which hosted the idol bash that aired on may 30th.  akb48 appeared on wednesday j-pop with a live mini-concert in shibuya.  River, Ponytail to shushu, Oogoe Diamond, and Iiwake Maybe were performed, followed by Aitakatta and Hikoukigumo as an encore.

normally i wouldn’t cover something like this, but i chose to bring this event up because it turned out to be a show of the rarer variety; and by that i mean every song was sung, with live mics.  some of you may be scratching your heads, but it’s a big deal.

one of akb48’s biggest marks against them is the fact that they do not sing live at concerts.  the mics are pretty much there for show, until they do MC segments between songs.  this brought into question akb’s musical integrity, and quickly turned into ammo for akb naysayers.

and i won’t lie, that bothered me as well.  sometimes girls would be gasping for air during the MCs even when they were lipsyncing.  their dance choreographies have been getting significantly more rigorous in the past year to the point where i would wonder,”is it even possible for these girls to dance this much and sing live without the risk of collapsing from exhaustion?”

well ‘wednesday j-pop’ has shown me that these girls can not only dance and sing live, but they do it very well.  it also strengthens my conjecture that the reason they don’t sing live shows often is to maximize performance, not because they can’t do it.  i’m a firm believer of ‘if you know how to do it, you don’t always have to go about it the hard way’, so i have no qualms about akb48’s decision to streamline their concert appearances if it means they can concentrate efforts into the dances.  that said, i wish i could see more small concerts like this where they sing live as it provides a different experience, and it’s just as enjoyable.

i would also like to note how although this venue is significantly smaller than the giant space used in ‘MUSIC JAPAN’, they churn out one crazy show.  it’s got more flair and flash(literally) than any akb show i’ve seen.  akb48 and insane light shows were made to be together.

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