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AKB48 Halloween Night promo

Two years ago, we helped organize a tribute to Koisuru Fortune Cookie that was representative of the international AKB48 fandom. The video even caught the attention of AKB48 itself and is now hosted on AKB48’s official Youtube page. The video was also awarded, “Best Fan Video” by AKS, AKB48’s parent company, and was presented to NSK founder, David Liao, at the Tokyo Dome concert in 2014. We could not have accomplished such an amazing feat without all of you out there and it is still one of our fondest memories as a website and community.

UPDATE 10/21/2015 1:00am PDT – deadline extension

Let’s get together and do it again! There was an effort to recreate a video for Kokoro no Placard, but that did not pan out and I do apologize for that. This year though, there is potential to create a great video showcasing the international AKB48 fandom again. Halloween Night is a fun disco pop song and celebrates the act of dressing up in elaborate spooky costumes to dance the night away.

Halloween Night PV

So let’s dance, Japan everybody! Put on your spookiest Halloween costume and do a disco dance to be a part of something special. All you need is a camera (and a costume if you have one). Pick a location, make sure you (and other participants) are visible, and hit record! Remember to have a good time! Feel free to record anything between a short segment to a full blown dance cover! We will do our best to include as many people and as much as possible.

When you’ve recorded your video, upload it to a site like Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link to contact@newschoolkaidan.com with the subject: Halloween Night. Include your name(s), location, and what part of the video you are covering!

The Samantha Thavasa version is a good example to learn from. It’s about 3 minutes long and breaks out scenes by choreography.

Even LADYBEARD from LADYBABY is doing it!

Also, check out this AWESOME cinematic-style tribute to Halloween Night from Shinseki48, a 48 group fan community from Makassar, Indonesia!

Socal48 attempts Halloween Night filming

Socal48 has the beginning down… I think?

The deadline is October 24th October 30th, 11:59pm PDT.


  • Record extra footage before and after your dance, hitting record and waiting 2 seconds is safe
  • Make sure you have good lighting, unless you’re in a scary room!
  • Wear a Halloween-themed costume
  • Use AKB48’s tutorial to learn the dance!
  • Feel further inspired by the staff version and other versions out there

Spread the word! This is open to anyone and everyone!

UPDATE 10/21/2015 1:00am PDT – due to the desire to include more participants in the project and the short notice nature of the announcement, we are extending the deadline to October 30th, 11:59pm PDT. We will be updating this post regularly to provide you with teasers, new developments, and guidance. Happy Halloween-ing! Also, LADYBEARD did a version of the Halloween Night PV!

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