AKB48 Goodie Bags: Will You Take the Chance?

If the Chance no Junban single and the PSP game coming out wasn’t enough holiday cheer, maybe you’d like to test your luck with these special grab-bags, being sold at the official AKB Shop!

There are three types available: 5000 yen(60 dollars), 10000 yen(120 dollars), and 20000 yen(240 dollars).

The 5000 yen bag contains 10 random Chance no Junban pictures, AKB pencil/pens with pouch and eraser, random towel(out of three different designs), a desk pad, and one random ‘senjafuda'(a shrine sticker) out of 48 different member types.  The 10000 yen bag has 30 random Chance no Junban pictures, large pencil bag, “Courage Tumbler” with reversible sheet, a deck of AKB cards, 3 notebooks with team designs, and one random ‘senjafuda’.

Now these are pretty standard generic gifts—the only reason I’d get one would be for the Chance no Junban photos and a ‘senjafuda’.

But this 20000 yen bag is the most exciting one; this bag contains a shit ton of random goods: A tote bag, towel, jigsaw puzzle with a random CD cover design, a complete team set of pins, lap blanket, CD case with original design, mini pillow with a team design, accessory case, a ‘dream cloth’ with a random team design, a random ‘senjafuda’, and the complete photo set of Chance no Junban pictures.

Now, you may ask “what’s so special about all this crap?”, to which I would say “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”.  The designs aren’t awesome and a lot of these prizes look like some kid’s dream ‘back-to-school’ kit.  What’s special about the 20000 yen bag is the extra bonus that comes with it.  Every purchase of one of these bags come with a randomized ticket: a “High Five Ticket“, a “98% Chance Ticket (A)“, or a “98% Chance Ticket (B)“.

The “High Five Ticket” gives you one free pass for any and all theater shows INCLUDING birthday events, opening day/closing day stage shows, and SND48 shows, in 2011.  “98% Chance (A) Ticket” gets you a theater show reservation between January and June in 2011 INCLUDING birthday and SDN48 shows, but no opening/closing day shows.  “98% Chance (B)” is the same as the A version, but it gets you a show reservation between July and December of 2011.  Crazy!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL—those who buy the 20000 yen bag at the Akihabara Store(which means none of us foreigners can participate without an inside man) also get into a raffle, where you could win monthly pre-order tickets, a complete set of monthly theater pictures(192 pics total), a full set of reprint singles for any one single, 2011 mug cup(HAHA), and a photo album, or a POLAROID TWO-SHOT TICKET.

the first and second deals are questionable, but I don’t think there will be any losers for those who buy the massive 20000 yen grab bag.  The complete Chance no Junban photo set alone would be justified for that price.  I expect madness when they start selling these.

Thanks to Pollinic of Nihongogo for the detailed info!

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