AKB48 Documentary Film: Refreshing or Bland?

This film completely slipped my mind, but it’s back on my radar.
I’m an absolute sucker for things like ‘Making-Of’s and anything that goes on behind the curtain that the general public doesn’t see. I purchase DVDs almost solely for the special features; if it doesn’t have enough content, I don’t bother with it. The thought of tons of new never-before-scene footage in this film is extremely exciting to me…or at least I hope there is. The worst thing this film can do is rehash a bunch of footage from various events that I’ve already seen for most of the duration.

There are several things that worry me about this documentary. Firstly is that documentaries in general are so varied in quality that it’s always a gamble when I decide to watch one: Will it lull me to sleep or will it keep my attention? Will it be a bunch of stuff I already know or will it give me interesting insight?  Documentary is a genre I’m particularly wary of because they can either provide great, new information or be a huge waste of time.

Another worry is that I’ve eagerly watched tons of behind the scenes specials on concerts and events that came out on DVD or featured on AKB’s variety show programs; What will this movie provide that I haven’t already gotten from those? From Tokyo Hive’s article, it’s supposed to provide a fresh look of the members of AKB but is that a statement for the casual audience who will see this movie?  Or could it actually change or enhance the view of the more hardcore fans as well?  Not to say my expectations are that high, but the possibility alone is enough to get me interested.

As for assurance, Iwai Shunji, the director of the elegant Sakura no Shiori PV is the producer of this documentary.  I think it’s a near-perfect fit, considering Sakura no Shiori had a very documentary-style ambiance while having some great cinematography and overall quality.

The trailer showed me that it has plenty of potential to do well in the theater and I think it would be amazing to see this on the big screen with a large, receptive audience. Personality is something idols provide in spades, so film is a smart platform to showcase their charm to a massive audience. We can only speculate since it’s not out for a few months (January 22nd), and it’ll take even longer than that before us overseas fans can get our hands on it, so we’ll wait and see.

Also, this poster is awesome:

I was expecting some kind of in-your-face, crowded, “WE’RE AKB48!”-type poster with all the senbatsu members staring right at you, but instead they put out this surprisingly subdued and elegant poster.  I wonder if Iwai Shunji had anything to do with it.  Also, I have no idea what that diamond graphic is doing there underneath the title, but I love it.


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