AKB T-Shirts for sale!

I heard you guys were looking to show off your AKB fandom out in the public, no you say? While i’m sure a lot of you who visit the site would rather keep your fandom locked in the closet, there are others like myself who’s mission is to spread our AKB love across the world. One AKBro who’s at the forefront of this cause is non-other then our friend Boykun from Nandake, and he just so happens to be running a sale on his entire AKB inspired T-Shirt collection! This isn’t the first time we have shown off his T-shirts over here at NSK. So if you haven’t picked up any of his T-Shirts, you better get on it right now! Follow the break to see some of my personal favorites from his collection.

Click here to buy your AKB Tee’s!



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  1. Did they run out of the grey Fresh Lemon shirts? On the site they only have it in blue :(

  2. Thanks for the tip, I picked up a few shirts which came out to only around $15 a pop with shipping after the coupon, not too shabby for idol merchandise which is always overpriced…

  3. Ahhh! I was so hyped of getting a shirt, but forgot I only have 11 dollars in my paypal account D:!

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