AKB Song of the Week – Wagamama na Nagareboshi

With the massive amount of team theater songs, I found it a daunting task to try learn/remember every song that I came across. So in a means to constantly be exposed to new material while keep it all organized, we’ve started the AKB Song of the Week. Every Monday, one of us will post a Theater Song and give you some crucial background information about it. We’ll talk about why we like it, either musically or visually and if possible give some alternatives. So this week I give you…

Song: Wagamama Nagareboshi (Spoiled Shooting Star)
Discography: (Pre-Shuffle) Team K, Stage 4
Original Performers: Ono Erena (Pink) & Kobayashi Kana (Yellow)

Performance Notes:
Location: 2010 Request Set List Performance Shibuya AX – Day 2
Original Unit: Yes

There are multiple reasons I started off liking this song. First it featured one of my favorites Kobayashi Kana. It’s rare to see her in singles as she’s not senbatsu and it’s even more rare to hear her voice in songs. Her solo lines sound a bit awkward as she has sort of a little girl’s sound but it’s something that I look forward to. Then during chorus parts they do a dance that goes chicken wing, then the arm twirl, knee lifts followed by vogue peace sign. You can see a good example starting at [1:56]. Also there’s a shoulders and hips move they do at [1:03] which I found rather fitting for the song. And of course there’s the chants which during the chorus echo fu fu and fua fua. I’m a sucker for those.

I’ve seen an alternative performance for this song featuring Kojima Haruna and Shinoda Mariko but I still consider this one to be the best version.

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