Aitakatta x3 Choreography

you know you always wanted to learn the dance to this song.

and the best part: it’s SATO SUMIRE teaching you!


these were added on a special dvd that comes with ‘nogashita sakanatachi’.  what i love about these choreography videos is that most of the members used are the ones more casual fans don’t know; it’s awesome to see kobayashi kana, sato amina, matsubara natsumi, and maeda ami performing ‘senbatsu’ roles.  there are also a couple kenkyuusei (research students) mixed in that i’ve been keeping eye on, who i hope will be promoted soon.

i hope those who only know the popular members will watch videos like this and become fans of some of these girls as well.

also, seeing this makes me excited about the jankenpon tournament.  what if these members actually became senbatsu?  the more i think about the jankenpon tournament, the more i look forward to it.

-bonus time-!

there’s another solo video for the back section choreography of ‘aitakatta’, shown to you by ishida haruka.  you may remember her from when she played Alan Wake a while back.  she’s grown on me since then so here you go:

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  1. Thanks for posting. What was Erepyon doing there though? Was that the straw that broke the camel’s back?

  2. i was thinking the exact same thing. she stuck out and almost looked out of place. i wouldn’t think twice about it if they sprinkled another senbatsu member or two in there too, but seeing her there alone makes me think it had some part to do with her leaving; whether it was done as a response to her leaving, or it being one of many reasons to leave akb.

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