Ah…To be Young & in Love

I remember a time when I was first getting into Idol music. I was coming off of a transitional period with Kpop and Morning Musume was at it’s high point. And they were big enough to catch my attention due to a lot of great personalities and catchy tunes.

Tron sent me some random links and by chance I came across this one. I had totally forgot about this song. Rikai shite! Onna no Ko. It was a solo song available only for fanclub members. Back then had I found it on the internet and being that Ishikawa Rika was my favorite member, there was nothing more fitting for her than this style song.

Even though that was a long time ago, I still have very fond memories from that period of my life. It’s nostalgic with a mixture of young immature love. You can’t explain or understand the feelings you have, just know that they’re present and appreciated. You want to say something but the words don’t come out.

Those were the days,

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