Ah, Awkward Youth.

I’m a fan of uncomfortable moments. I enjoy lame jokes, kitsch, and the plethora of indie films that explore the awkward and painful journey of adolescence. I simply can’t get enough of seeing people in miserably awkward situations; maybe it’s the sadist in me.

This has to be the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time. A girl in Kansai is streaming herself live performing dances at 3am(apparently she’s been doing this every night) to loud music. Her agitated mother decides enough is enough and attempts to barge into the room. Awkward hilarity ensues!


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  1. Man, if I was still up at 3am when I was 13 years old my parents would have beaten me. Oh adolescence, I am quite happy to be rid of you.

    • I would probably get killed if I danced to loud music at 3 am….
      At least she was dancing on a mattress though.

      (Probably could hear some silence stomps anyways)

  2. Ahh, to be young and able to get up at 3am in morning. I could catch up on all the saturday morning cartoons if I still had that ability.

  3. Thanks for posting this, it totally cheered me up after a long day! This just goes to show that sometimes the road to stardom can be long and tough!

  4. Gahaha and she still smiled cutely in the end as if nothing had happened

    On a side note, I believe she was desperately holding the door closed because it sounded like the lady brought a stick or something to hit her with 0.o

  5. Saw this on Japanese learner networks on Youtube as well. Crazy how this gets around. Seems they are from Osaka from the way they speak. The vid got many of thumbs down, but I like it. A real good way to get in some Japanese and see a crazy girl staying up to late. Fighting sleep by dancing. :D

  6. It would have been great if the mother had gotten in and taken the stick to her behind on live cam…she should have been mortified and we would all have a good laugh hehe.

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