A6 starts today

i’ve been anticipating it for a long time, and after two long delays it’s finally starting.

team A’s next stage with the new shuffle members, ‘A6: Mokugekisha’, debuts today.  i’d give anything to be there right now.

how will this fare with the well-received new team K and B stages?  A6 is the true wild-card.  for me personally, this more or less determines if team A can still be top dog.

i still find the shuffle to be the most cruel towards team A, having lost minegishi minami, itano tomomi, miyazaki miho, kitahara rie, fujie reina, and sato amina in one fell swoop.  it was downright devastating.  ohta aika and sashihara rino were the only somewhat popular members gained, with the rest being underdogs. it’s clear that many of these transferred members were put there in hopes to bring more attention to them, and we’ll see if it was a wise choice to strip team A down this much.

specifically, i can’t wait to see nakagawa haruka, oya shizuka, matsubara natsumi, nakaya sayaka, ohta aika, and sashihara rino perform for the first time at the akb theater as official team A members.

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