A6 delayed once again

team A’s new stage, A6 was announced to debut on june 19th.  on june 8th, it was announced that A6 was pushed to july 15.  now, it has been announced that the stage will come out on the 27th.

team K and team B have already begun their new stages, yet team A’s gets pushed back further and further.  wonder if it’s because of the tireless promotion and other obligations are keeping team A from getting enough practice; even if they’re not the star-studded group they once were, they still have maeda atsuko, takahashi minami and shinoda mariko who are the busiest when it comes to doing things outside of the theater. A6 is something i have been anticipating for some time, since it will be the first chance to see the newly shuffled team A perform together.

whatever is holding them back, i hope management knows what they’re doing.

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