A Tribute to Delicious Cake Project

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Yo, it’s Chase. Let me tell you a little story.

I recently discovered that a particularly favorite blog of mine, deliciouscakeproject.wordpress.com was deleted by the sole writer and owner, known only as Pata. Seeing the 404 page brought a strong feeling of nostalgia and slight sadness upon me, as this blog had had a huge impact on my introduction to the world of Japanese idols and music.


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Reading about Pata’s incredibly personal accounts of his experiences meeting and seeing idols really sparked an interest in my own mind about this intriguing and foreign concept. To me, while in my fledgling state as a Japanese music fan, this site was my crack cocaine. I checked it multiple times in a week, sometimes everyday, hoping for a surprise update about a trip to Washington to see AKB48, or an unusually somber post about the scandal surrounding Kago Ai.

Many hours were spent poring through the site archives reading every post since July 2009, and I could not get enough. I distinctly remember that for the entire month of December, Pata posted a gravure picture daily, exposing me to so many different idols and their groups. This in turn sparked an interest in me to learn more about the members he wrote about and do my own research.

I learned about the difference between Hello!Project and AKS and the ridiculousness of the rivalry between the two, the freshness of S/Mileage’s (now known as ANGERME) legs, Pata’s undying dedication to Minegishi Minami, and his efforts as a one man army to bring a giant S/Mileage poster board to a Girls’ Generation concert.

Even his account of a trip to NYC to see Girls’ Generation helped fuel my interest in K-Pop as well, and his casual trolling habits made me laugh, like seeing pictures of him bringing an AKB48 sign to a K-Pop show.

Pata’s informal and familiar writing style made this culture he was so engrossed in even more accessible to a newbie like me, and the responses he made to readers’ comments revealed a snarky, sarcastic, yet sincere fan who just wanted to share his adventure with others. Above all, his writing was enchantingly narrative, engrossing, and took me on an adventure. Here’s one of my all time favorites.

I discovered Delicious Cake Project around four years ago, and I had no one to talk to about Japanese idols or anything related. This blog became a companion to me until I found a friend and fellow idol compatriot living halfway across the country who I could engage in conversation with. I might’ve eventually found my way to the world of idols and the great community that I’m a part of today without DCP, but it would’ve definitely been a much lonelier trip.

Though nearly every trace of Pata has disappeared online as far as I know, if this gets to him somehow, I’d really like to tell him how grateful I am for his seemingly insignificant blog, because it meant a great deal to me.

God bless the Wayback Machine, through which you can still view most of Pata’s writing and some of the pictures used in his posts.

Pata, if you somehow see this, send me a message; I’d love to chat with you.

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  1. Judging by the last blog post he made and his subsequent disappearance, I’m not sure if he wants to be contacted, although I know for sure he’s still alive and active online in some capacity. I’ve even seen him in person a few times at idol/H!P-related events (I believe he has SF Bay Area roots, so he might be at J-Pop Summit again this year), though I’ve never really talked to him other than benign passing comments to each other.

    I too was disappointed to see his blog shut down, as he was one of the main influences I had for starting my own H!P blog–some of his thought exercises and crazy comparisons were pretty memorable. I also recall being told he got banned from JPHiP years ago for violating some rules, which I sort of found funny for some reason.

    Good luck with tracking him down!

  2. Arbitrary Greay

    Pata was a huge influence on my idol fandom. Before Delicious Cake Project, he ran a Vox blog where he wrote and performed piano arrangements of various idol songs, explaining his thought process for each, and transforming the way I viewed idol music. (Stuff like the analysis of River he put of DCP later, and I shamelessly excerpted to save for my own purposes.) His theory on karaoke and exposure to crooners like Sinatra having a strong influence on why Jpop diverged so much from western music was also a personal favorite, though he soon deleted it.

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