A Touch of Old School

Each of us has that one minor group that we follow. Even though we know they’re not quite the same level as the top Idol groups in terms of popularity, we appreciate them for something else.

One of the groups I’ve always partially rooted for is bump.y. I thought it was kind of a dumb name too especially with the period before the y. Most of their songs have been pretty slow paced and the line up is a bit weird. Other than the short one, there are really no immediately recognizable members.

But their newest single is a song that I’d really like to see get popular. It reminds me of the old K-Pop days when I first started listening to Asian music. For example [Tell me why by Sugar].

There’s a certain nostalgia to the bright colors and simplistic dance moves. I wonder if a song like this can catch on in these times that are so filled with electronic distortion and large scaled set design.


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  1. I have to say that vid was endearing to say the least. I mos def enjoy the mellow song and simple cuteness of the whole thing. Thanks Liao, now I have to go back and explore Bump.y. >:(

    • PS: One of the things I like most about the the sound is the Late 80s sound to it…takes me back to my living room on a sunday afternoon chillin with blocks and a fire truck man….

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