A special cake for a special girl.

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  1. bluedarkness12

    lol i hope u took a pic of the cake and put it up on one of the akb forums. It is pretty cool tho and kinda weird at the same time.

  2. Nice video Tron, can’t wait to hear the bakery story on the podcast. Hope your mail turns up one of these years too.

    Happy birthday Ishida!!!

  3. Your whole family’s a fan of Ishida Anna?

  4. Tron, why do you gotta break stuff in all your vids? XD

    Btw, I totally cracked up when you said your family will be eating her over the next few days. I got this image of a family of cannibals eating some dead girl’s corpse in a cave 0.o

  5. This video is deliciously creepy.

    < 3

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