A Look into Jakarta’s Heavy Rotation

JKT48, I had no idea what to make of you. When the 48 family first told me about you, I was rather anxious. Were you a sister? A step-sister? Friendly visitor? I was worried about what my first impressions would be of you. I guess it was selfish; I was only preoccupied with how your new-found existence would affect me. Would we find common ground? Would I be as comfortable around you like the others? Would I even like you? You seemed so distant and foreign from the 48 family I was familiar with. I’ll even admit to feigning disinterest when I first saw you. But that was the past; it’s all good now. I think we’ll get along just fine.

So what exactly did JKT48 do to inspire confidence in me? Knowing me and my undying affinity for this medium, you could probably guess what it is: a PV. A Heavy Rotation PV to be more specific. And it’s looking pretty good. Actually… really good.

I don’t know if it was because I was expecting something less, but I’m really liking this. This is right in my comfort-zone. Yeah, it’s a scenario we’ve all seen before but for a debut PV, this went way beyond my expectations. I can say without a doubt that this PV created a bridge for me that I was doubtful would even materialize. I have no idea what Indonesia will think about it but it’s fun and familiar ground to me, and I think most idols fans could say the same.


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