'A K B' cookies

my professor brings this bag of cookies to class and offers me a few.  i dig in and pick up 2 cookies: the letter ‘B’ and the letter ‘K’.  i think of team B and team K from akb48 as i eat them.  i go to my desk and get ready to work, but something starts to bug me.  what about ‘A’?  my awesome, adorable, affable team A?  i want to ask for more cookies but that would be impolite.  class resumes.

an hour passes. all i can think about is getting a cookie with an ‘A’ stamped on it.  more time passes.  my professor continues to eat cookies.  there can’t be many letters left.  there are 26 letters in the alphabet and there were probably less than 20 left in the bag.  the probability of having the letter i need is dwindling with every cookie i see him devour.

class is almost over and i finally break.  i interrupt class and flat out tell him that if he comes across an ‘A’ cookie, that he should give it to me.  he nonchalantly gives me the bag and tells me that i can just have the rest.  SCORE.  i dig around and after some intense searching i finally find it.  the last remaining ‘A’ in the bag.  it was beautiful.  and delicious.

i was complete.  i scare myself.

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