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When one thinks of idol groups under UFA, Hello! Project is usually the one that draws the most attention. What most people don’t realize is that there are in fact many idols that fall under the Up-Front Group umbrella. Today we are going to take a look at an idol group named StylipS. A group that I’m pretty sure 90% of people who visit this site have never heard of. Though I don’t blame you, Up-Front tends to be pretty terrible when it comes to pushing their own acts.


StylipS consists of 4 girls that are signed under HAPPY!STYLE which is a sub-division of Up-Front Style ( One of the many sub groups under Up-Front inc.) while UFA tends to focus more on the entertainment side of the idol world. UFS caters more towards the otaku culture as most of the girls signed under UFS are seiyuu idols. Probably the most recognizable member of StylipS for H!P fans would Noto Arisa. The former H!P Egg Leader turned talento is the one girl that I always rooted for to make it big while she was in Eggs. She always caught my eye during H!P concerts and was a pretty popular member in Gatas Brilhantes H.P (H!P indoor soccer team).

Now comes everyone’s favorite idol duo, YuiKaori! What? Never heard of them? Yea I’m not surprised. YuiKaori is composed of Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori, with Yui being my favorite member of the two as well as my favorite member of StylipS. She is probably most famous for her role as the motion capture model for the Hatsune Miku PSP game “Project Diva”. I tend to not talk much about about this group because….well recently they just haven’t put out a lot stuff. Their last single prior to their March release was from April of 2011. I really enjoy this duo a lot and I hope to hear more from them in the near future. For now though, we can all enjoy their latest single Kimi no Yell.

Rounding out the group is Matsunaga Maho. By far the member that sticks out the most to me. She reminds me of Matsui Jurina; someone who looks older then they really are. Apparently she is amazing at English, which makes her that much more appealing to western fans who enjoy seeing their favorite idol speak their native tongue.



What really got me interested in this group was their latest single “Miracle Rush” which is the opening theme song to the new Saki anime. The single itself is your typical high energy idol song that caters towards fans who enjoy more traditional sounding idol music. I personally find it interesting that the PV itself seems to be of a higher production quality compared to most UFA PVs that are put out nowadays. The StylipS PV has a straightforward theme throughout the whole song, though some would say it tends to be on the corny side. I’m okay with this though as it doesn’t leave me confused like most H!P PVs where they tend to either be all over the place or take a very static approach.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this release and I hope to see more from this group. The only setback I see from them getting more exposure is that with them being a seiyuu idol group, it really limits them from what singles they can release since typically these sort of idol groups tend to only make music for anime openings and endings. Coupled with the fact that variety shows rarely showcase seiyuu idols, content from these girls is going to be extremely hard to find. Nevertheless I look forward to any new releases from this group in the future, and I hope you take some time out of your busy AKS fandom and give these girls a chance.



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  1. Hmm, they wasn’t around when Yorosen! was on still broadcasting on tv, right?

    At the end of each yorosen! episode, A song for an upcoming H!P single would be played to close the show out. But there was one non-H!P group song being played during one of the show’s episodes. Whenever I think about it, I always think it was this group…..

    Hmm, maybe I’m wrong kuz think it was a 3-person group and one of the girl’s was wearing glasses….. *goes off to look for streaming Yorosen! vids*

    • Haha, Nvm it wasn’t them.

      It was “Twe’lv”, a group created to promote the Inazuma Eleven anime and RPG game.

      (…where the hell did I hear StylipS from?…..)

  2. Haven’t got into Miracle Rush all that much. Perhaps I’ll give it another listening.

    And how could you mention YuiKaori and not that Michael Jackson impersonator?

    And I suppose if people like StylipS they should check out Team DEKARIS, which is the same lineup.

    And agreed: Yui is cute as a button

  3. Wow I’m so glad there are actually other people who like this group!! I became a fan of them a little bit after their first single, and I always liked Nocchi beforehand. And I happened to have watched — and loved!! — the first Saki anime when it first came out, so naturally I was super happy about StylipS’ collaboration with the sequel. ^O^ I have both of their singles so far, and have ordered their upcoming third single. I love all their songs so far and they are one of my favorite idol groups. Anyway, as an anime fan before even becoming an idol fan (as I watched the first Saki anime before I was completely into the idol fandom) I’m pretty happy with the route they are taking. I’m pretty biased toward Miracle Rush as my favorite of the 6 songs out of their 2 singles so far (huge thanks to the Saki franchise!!!), but I honestly enjoy all their songs. I really hope they will gain some more fans. =)

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