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uijin – Unlimiter (8th Single)

Description The songwriter and composer of the title track “Unlimiter” is an artist who specializes in songs combining VOCALOID and band sound. The DECO * 27 is an active producer and producer. Coupling “Inperfect Blue” continues Kusano Hanayo 表題曲「アンリミッター」の作詞・作曲を手掛けるのは、VOCALOID とバンドサウンドを融合させた楽曲を得意とし、アーティス トとしてもプロデューサーとしても活躍するDECO*27。カップリングの「インパーフェクト・ブルー」は前作に引き続き草野華余 [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD …

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New PV Alert: uijin – ignition

Steadily releasing a string of singles over the last two years, uijin keep us refreshed with its rock-arranged spring single “ignition”. The girls appear running along a path in the full sun for much of the promotional video with images that are prematurely weathered. After the first verse, the promotional …

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uijin – ignition / bl∞ming days (7th Single)

Description uijin April 30, both sides A single single release decision! The title is “ignition / bl∞ming days” uijin 4 月30 日に両A 面シングル発売決定! タイトルは「ignition / bl∞ming days」 [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 1.Ignition∞ming days   ABOUT UIJIN UIJIN (ウイジン, stylized “uijin”) is a …

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New PV Alert: uijin – Brand New

It feels like a long time since I put a promotional video from uijin in these New PV Alerts, so I’m glad to have something new to promote from the group. The four girls of uijin play in multiple dimensions with their latest “brand new”. We get frequent flashes on …

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uijin – Everything is Practice (Mini Album)

uijin profile image

uijin, a mini album that will be the distribution source for the second work. “Neo asia” was written down for this work. It is sold in Tower Records Shinjuku store, Tower Records NU Chayamachi store in 2017, and 500 pictures only sold out, “ppp / game over” “Setsuna Memorial / …

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New PV Alert: uijin – door

Partly to remind you of their scheduled 5th one-man live on May 25, 2018 and partly just to remind you that they’re still here, uijin releases a new promotional video for their song “door”. The PV is a live shot piece that doesn’t leave much room for comment, although one …

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New PV Alert: uijin – Setsuna Memorial

The pace is quick and the beats are insistent for uijin’s “Setsuna memorial”. The limited release single available at Tower Records puts the four girls of uijin in a dramatically lit room with demon masked instrumentalists for its promotional video. The flashing lights get some help from video distortion and …

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uijin – stay hungry, stay foolish (1st album)

CD Track List 1. came from neo tokyo 2. 0 0 1 3. meltdown 4. ten-age 5. future 6. overdrive 7. gold 8. colorful 9. maybe memories 10. 2 0 2 0(#BFF) 11. コトノハエモーション Buy uijin’s “stay hungry, stay foolish”! ~theNumber244~ | CDJapan | YesAsia Note: This site participates …

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mistress – Artifact (1st Album)

Mistress Profile Image

CD of the visual system idle · mistress that jumped out of Nagoya. Various sound features that lead to the current visual scene from the visual system of the 1990s. Its from the unique view of the world not only the pomp, it can also be seen functional beauty and …

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