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New PV Alert: Tacoyaki Rainbow – Motto Motto Motto Hanasou yo -Digital Native Generation-

Winning new music today from Tacoyaki Rainbow as they get their 5th single off the ground. “Motto Motto Motto Hanasoyo -Digital Native Generation- (もっともっともっと話そうよ-Digital Native Generation-)” sees the girls from the morning toothbrushing to the inevitable Takoyaki party in the garage set to a EDM inspired instrumental track. The main …

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Tacoyaki Rainbow – Nantaiteki na Voyage (3rd Album)

5 people from the Kansai, released Takoyaki Rainbow ‘s long – awaited 3rd album for the first time in 1 year! The theme of this work is “Life – sized girls”. Also this time a lineup of luxury songs written by former Yamada Kenichi, Kishidan, Jeff Miyahara and other well-known …

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Tacoyaki Rainbow – Double Rainbow (2nd Album)

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Takoyaki Rainbow A long-awaited second album “Double Rainbow”. The title of the second major album “Double rainbow” The title which represents the double rainbow has the meaning of “blessing, fortune, realization”, and Atsuko Ai and Fujii Takashi etc. Other notable albums by celebrities offered songs to the album . CD …

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