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Sharpened world view. In this work Otsuki Kenji, Hidaka Ma joins by songwriting. Kenichi Yasuaki, who worked on Namie Amuro’s latest work “Hope” Co-star with up-and-coming melody makers. New album of literature and music. STARMARIE, completed here. [note: translation via Google Translate] CD Track List 1. 悪魔、はじめます。 2. Hey,My sister …

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CD Track List 1. ホシノテレカ 2. 屋上から見える銀河 君も見た景色 3. グッモーニンッ!! ハマムラSHOW 4. 三ツ星レストラン・ポールからの招待状 5. サーカスを殺したのは誰だ 6. 狂おしき月下の舞踏会 7. スペル・オブ・ザ・ブック 8. 賢者のローブ 9. かけおちしようよ 10. 涙のパン工場「コンセル・カマタ」 11. ヘブンズ・ウェディング 12. ぐらんぱぐらんぱ 13. 余命124日のシンデレラ 14. さよならお弁当 15. ママは天才ギタリスト 16. 綺麗なレオナの肖像画 17. FANTASTIC!! 18. 姫は乱気流☆御一行様 19. 天国からのメロディ〜instrumental of Hoshinoteleca〜 20. 名もなき星のマイホーム Buy STARMARIE’s “FANTASY …

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New PV Alert: STARMARIE– Spell of the Book

STARMARIE deliver a live promotional video for their track “Spell of the Book”. A spooky vibe permeates the PV, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. The book theme is also pretty strong, with a library backdrop enveloping the girls’ choreography. All the spooky is warranted, though. Their next release is …

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NSK’s PV Power Hour 02/03/2018

The power crew talk about Tsubaki Factory, Starmarie, E TICKET PRODUCTION feat. Summer Rocket, Enra, mistress, BRATS, and BiSH! Recorded February 3rd, 2018. Ending theme song: “Dave Drops The Bass” by Chase Lim AKA 13thBeat [download] Charlie Cowdin’s Twitter – @drako60 Yoshi Hagiwara’s Twitter –  @yoshirekt New School Kaidan Twitter …

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