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Oomori Seiko – Kusokawa PARTY (4th Album)

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Seiko Omori to JOKER! Original 4 album of major! In addition to 10 songs newly added, additionally 2 additional song playing sound sources are added by form (except for CD)!  More OOMORI SEIKO coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy Oomori Seiko’s “Kurokawa PARTY” CD + Blu ray | …

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New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Yasumo

Yurumerumo! Complete the cycle of promotional videos for their latest release “HIPPY MONDAYS” with their new work “Yasumo”. More than the last few PVs, “Yasumo” really taps into the Madchester sound of the early 1990’s from which “HIPPY MONDAYS” derived its name. The laid-back funky beats and groove heavy arrangements …

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Color’z – Iro iro (1st mini album)

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Topic’s newcomer, popular super class rise color gangster idol, COLOR’z! The newcomer idol group who sings all the songs to listen to, songs to be sung is the first CD and releases a sudden mini album! If you listen to this with the all-you-can-eat musical piece lineup you will understand …

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SKE48 – Ikinari Punchline (23rd Single)

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SKE 48 The 2nd release of 2018 with the 10th anniversary! SKE 48 23rd single is the 2nd release in 2018 with 10th anniversary! [note: translation via Google Translate] Senbatsu Ego Yuna Oba Mina Obata Yuna Kamata Natsuki Kitagawa Ryoha Kumazaki Haruka Sugawara Maya Suda Akari Soda Sarina Takayanagi Akane …

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New PV Alert: Chuning Candy – S.T.L.

Chuning Candy put their Okinawan perspective on summer on display with their new promotional “S.T.L.”. The song’s title, which I’m convinced stands for “Summer Time Love” probably makes you think about the beach, and this would be right up in the group’s wheelhouse. But, “S.T.L.” puts Chuning Candy in a …

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Chuning Candy – S.T.L. (2nd Single)

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Impact’s Next Teen POP! Okinawa seven-member group “A Chuning Candy” with an average age of 16! 2018 debut attention No.1 Girls Group’s long-awaited 2nd single release! [note: translation via Google Translate]   More CHUNING CANDY coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy Chuning Candy’s “S.T.L.” Limited Edition (CD + Blu …

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