2chan Says the Darndest Things Vol. 5

Volume 5 of “2chan Says the Darndest Things”!

Vol 5-Things that Harugon would say on April Fools’ Day

Harugon: Akimoto-sensei! I’m getting married!
Yasusu: Kids should be in bed.

Harugon: I heard there’s going to be a 48 group in Washington!
Masuda: What is it called?
Harugon: …

Harugon: Yuka! I heard you’re being transferred to NMB!
Masuda: I heard that you were the one being transferred.
Harugon: Huh?

Harugon: I heard Acchan’s graduation is lie!

Harugon: I’ll replace Acchan at center!
Yasusu: Go get your head checked.

Harugon: Haruka’s being transferred to HKT. I won’t be able to see you, Mari-chan…
Shinoda: Me too, actually.
Harugon: Huh?

Harugon: Mari-chan! Haruka got a driver’s license!
Shinoda: That’s awesome, Harugon! You have to take me on a ride!
Harugon: I was kidding!
Shinoda: You got me! Harugon, you tricked me!

Atsuko: I decided to stay in AKB!
Harugon: What!? Acchan, I love you!
Atsuko: I’m kidding! What day is it today!?
Harugon: Acchan, I love you! We’re together forever!
Atsuko: …

AKB48 Reunion in 20 years

Minegishi hasn’t changed a bit.

Yasusu is perfectly healthy.

Old video footage is almost completely censored out.

Izuta Rina is still a research student.

Kashiwagi is still using the same catch phrase at 40 years old.

Maeda: Where is Chiyuu?
Minegishi: She’s not answering her phone.
Takahashi: She’s probably asleep.

Kashiwagi became a governor of Kagoshima.

Takamina is 3 centimeters shorter.

The members who were the same age was actually 3 years older.

Amina is twice divorced.

“Who is that girl…”

The host are Bad Boys. Kiyoto shows up in the Shojiki Shogi look for real.

Shinoda finally announces her graduation.

Nakaya Sayaka is huge in the entertainment industry.

Over half of the members are divorced.

Katayama looks the youngest out of everyone.

Nemousu Season 89 starts.

Takahashi Minami and Nakamata Shiori became congresswomen.

Chikano loses her invitation and has trouble getting into the reunion.

Nacchan shows up with 10 kids and shows off her big family.

Wasamin doing well with her enka career.

Harugon can’t stay calm.

A reincarnation of AKB featuring Maeda Atsuko’s daughter at center.

Komori doesn’t remember being in AKB.

Kuramochi became a professional wrestler.

Mayuyu teaching and still an idol.

My parents are getting into AKB

I think they’ll tell me that they want to go to the theater soon.

My dad wants to go with me but we haven’t won tickets yet.

They say Kitahara is cute now.

My dad calls “Kuumin”, “Kuunyan”. I think they got “Kuumin” and “nyahaan” mixed up.

I get a smile on my face every time when my 72 year old grandma says, “Tomochin” or “Yukirin”.

My mom voted for Maeda Atsuko last year but is now saying she’ll vote for Oya Shizuka this year.

┬áMy dad went to two DiVA events and a national handshake event. He’s mad that the next DiVA event is on a weekday.

Mom: I think AKB is being pushed around by Momoclo these days.

My mom’s oshimen is Takeuchi.

My dad knows nothing about Mayuyu but knows a lot about Yokayama.

My mom knows research students from watching the stages on Hikari TV and then she hums B5 stage songs.

How to tell a difference between a regular person and a wota

Who is Mikitty?

Regular Person:


What is Kojima Haruna’s nick name?

Regular Person: Kojiharu

Wota: NyanNyan

What happens when you hand a person a light stick?

Regular Person: Direct traffic

Wota: Swings it around full force

Who is Cleopatra?

Regular Person: Pharaoh of Egypt

Wota: JKT48 member

What is “Milky”?

Regular Person: