2chan Says the Darndest Things Vol. 21

Volume 21 of “2chan Says the Darndest Things”!


Embarrassing Moments You Have Experienced At Karaoke

I was singing “Namida Surprise” and my friends were complimenting me but, I experienced an awkward moment when I said, “Happy Birthday!” at the end.

When I said, “In your position, set!” for “Beginner”, a karaoke employee walked in on me doing the pose.

 I got super drunk in front of people who I met for the first time that day. Decided to sing “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” with full choreography.

I was singing and dancing to “Korogaru Ishi ni Nare” and slipped and knocked over the glass on the table and broke it. I tried to grab at something as I was falling and I grabbed the poster on the wall by accident and then ripped it down. When my friend tried to avoid getting hit by my falling body, he spilled yakisoba on my head.

I knew I was going to be at the karaoke by myself so I was singing, “Wagamama Collection” but an employee walked in on me. They walked in on me at the part where I was singing, “Onii-chan collection, onii-chan collection”.

That moment when an employee walked in on me singing “Mushi no Ballad” with my leg up on the table.

When I was singing Mayuyu’s, “Hikaru Mono Tachi” by myself, a little girl opened the door and was peeking from the outside.

You guys should go to the bathroom or play with your phone after you place your order so the employees don’t walk in on you singing.


Things That Happen On Google+

I always want to comment but the comment sections fill up too quickly.

Harucan is more active on Twitter.

My main account is for leaving nice comments and my sub-account is for dissing.

If I were to get a +1 from a member, I would be happy but when wotas +1 my comment, I feel creeped out.

The speed that the WWatanabe comment sections fill up is god like.

What’s with the people using the same icons as the members?

If you comment on a JKT member, a foreigner will +1 your comment most of the time.


Things That Happen To Wotas Studying/Testing To Get Into Schools

When I see, “not yet” in an English sentence, I highlight it.

Geography. I am confident in Indonesia.

If “48” is a multiple choice answer in math, I will pick it even if it’s wrong.

When I see the element, “Argon”, I think of Harugon.

When I see a trigonometry question, I envision Watanabe Miyuki with smoke coming out of her ears.


AKB Wota That Were A Nuisance At An Event

Mayuyu wota gave me a lot of apple juice.

A high school girl stuck gum on an old guy wearing a suit because he was jumping up and down.

The dudes that ask, “does she recognize you?” after you go through a handshake lane.

An old man wearing the “Iiwake Maybe” outfit at the last SSA event.

Anyone who talks when the members are talking.


What Kind Of Backpack Should I Wear To Handshake Events?

Suggest some bags to me.


I saw this one at the “UZA” event. ^

If you have ones with chairs built in them, it is quite useful.



What about this one? ^


Go with a Chanel bag.


panda sawako

Go with a panda bag. ^

c76cf202-s 10ff80d2-s


 Go make some noise with this one. ^

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