2chan Says the Darndest Things Vol. 16

Volume 16 of 2chan Says the Darndest Things!


If AKB Members Went to A Pool

Yukirin is not invited

Kojima-san flows forever in the lazy river

Akimoto Sayaka wears competition swimwear by SPEEDO

Minegishi grabs Yamamoto’s chest

Noro is wearing a bathing suit

Mayu gets her bangs wet by children splashing water at her and then gets pissed off

Akimoto and Yuko reenact a scene from the Lion King on the diving board

Ex-Harugon pretends to be dead in the water

Takamina places a mysterious box with a hole in it in the changing room

Oya Masana and Sashihara Rino only swim in the kids pool

Oya Shizuka is working part-time as a life saver

Akimoto shows off her abs

 What If SKE Members Were In A Class Together

Yagami and Kizaki don’t do their homework so they copy Hata’s, word for word

Kuwabara Mizuki and Matsui Jurina are really loud

Rena is by herself but Furukawa is staring at her from a distance

Oya Masana and Hara Minami eat their lunch before lunch time

Ishida Anna and Akaeda Ririna have fun cutting up pieces of erasers and throwing it at the teacher’s head

Jurina is part of two classes

Ogino Risa is more popular than boys in the school

Yuria: You’re such an idiot!
Kumi: Yeah, you too!

Mukaida and Goto are mistaken for twins

Matsui Rena shows up to school in a Hummer

Hata Sawako reads Dostoyevsky novels while Furukawa Airi reads thin books with 2-D characters on the front

Something With As Much Pressure As An AKB Election

The pain in your stomach when there is no bathroom

Takahashi Juri: When I walk around the city with a brand name bag

Receiving a pass in a soccer match

Starting a thread on 2ch and then checking it a day later

Cutting a watermelon in half for the first time

When you’re about to lose to your girlfriend at bowling

Yokoyama Yui Instruction Manual

 She will suddenly stand in an awkward stance. Do not be alarmed. You will get used to it.

She will be really energetic at night but that is not an issue with the product.

She will have trouble breathing when she is extremely excited. If that happens, please call Mr. Tokumitsu.

 If you feed her too much, she will grow in size so please be careful.

She is from Kansai but doesn’t take jokes.

Her idea of comedy is different so if you think she is trying to make a joke, laugh with her gently with a warm smile.

Do not leave her in a room only with Nagao Mariya and Yamauchi Suzuran. She may go berserk from time to time.

When her emotions reach a high level, she will start to shake. That is a feature of the product and not a defect.

If you input the wrong information, she will persistently ask for an apology.

When she is excited, she will send a lot of text messages. That is a feature of the product and not a stalker.

When she is irritated, it is recommended that you play songs by “CHEMISTRY”.

She will wear questionable clothing from time to time but that is a feature of the product and not a defect.

If Kuramochi Asuka tries to eat her ears, she will be clearly upset. Do not let Kuramochi anywhere near her.

Do not feed her after midnight.

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