2011 NSK End of Year Awards

The Holidays are almost over and that means a new year with new challenges. But before we move on, we’ll take a look back at an amazing year. In 2011 we saw what will be remembered as one of the greatest explosions in talent, creativity, and production. Although it’s only our first full year at NSK, I feel safe saying this will be the toughest year to make a decision even considering the future. So here are the five shows and each of the categories we have planned for next week. Thanks!

PV Category:
-Best/Worst Choreography
-Best/Worst Set Design
-Best/Worst Costumes
-Strangest PV
-Most Disappointing
-Guilty Pleasure
-Biggest Surprise

Singles Category:
-Best Newcomer Single
-Most Underwhelming/Disappointing Single
-Most Overlooked Single
-Best Cover Art
-Biggest Surprise
-Top B-Sides (3-1)

Idol Group Category:
-Best Improvement
-Biggest Disappointment
-Best Newcomer
-Most Potential
-Best Move (Choreography)
-Best Trend
-Worst Trend
-Favorite Moment
-Idol Group of the Year

Top 5 PV
Top 5 Singles

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  1. I’m excited! Hopefully this one comes out without hitch. You recording everything at once?

  2. Are MM costumes for their new single included? Lol

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