2011 AKB Senbatsu Election Final Results


Media Senbatsu:
01 Atsuko Maeda [139,822] 02 Oshima Yuko [122,843] 03 Kashiwagi Yuki [74,252] 04 Shinoda Mariko [60,539] 05 Watanabe Mayu [59,118] 06 Kojima Haruna [52,920] 07 Takahashi Minami [52,790] 08 Itano Tomomi [50,403] 09 Sashihara Rino [45,227] 10 Matsui Rena [36,929] 11 Miyazawa Sae [33,500] 12 Takajyo Aki [31,009]

13 Kitahara Rie [27,957] 14 Matsui Jurina [27,804] 15 Minegishi Minami [26,070] 16 Kasai Tomomi [22,857] 17 Akimoto Sayaka [17,154] 18 Sato Amina [16,574] 19 Yokoyama Yui [16,455] 20 Masuda Yuka [14,137] 21 Kuramochi Asuka [12,387]

22 Umeda Ayaka [11,860] 23 Takayanagi Akane [10,674] 24 Nakagawa Haruka [10,854] 25 Ota Aika [9,910] 26 Hirajima Natsumi [9,742] 27 Miyazaki Miho [9,271] 28 Yamamoto Sayaka [8,697] 29 Oya Shizuka [7,264] 30 Oya Masana [6,660] 31 Nito Moeno [6,288] 32 Komori Mika [6,120] 33 Hata Sawako [6,117] 34 Sato Sumire [5,438] 35 Oba Mina [5,411] 36 Suda Akari [5,343] 37 Maeda Ami [5,220] 38 Matsui Sakiko [5,020] 39 Ichikawa Miori [4,928] 40 Fujie Reina [4,698]

The Best:
-Maeda Ami finally ranked!

The Good:
-Kashiwagi Yuki’s unexpected jump to the top three.
-Masuda Yuka’s unexpected jump.
-Umeda Ayaka’s unexpected jump.
-Maeda Atsuko reclaims #1.
-Yokoyama Yui’s super-jump.

The Not so Good:
-Takahashi Minami drops one rank.
-Itano Tomomi in 8th?!
-Kasai’s drop from 12th to 16th.
-NMB/SKE inflation, and no Yagami Kumi to show for it either. Insanity.

The terrible:
-Miyazaki Miho, Ota Aika, Sato Sumire and Komori Mika: WHY NO LOVE?


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  1. Many good things in this election and many bad……… I’ll worry about those later, for the moment FUCK YEAH! Yukirin got 3rd and everybody hates her now which is good becasue that means she really is polular!

    Haters gonna Hate!

  2. be back later, gonna cut a bitch

  3. Congrats to Rena and Jurina for maintaining their senbatsu positions (death threats on a postcard to….) and massive congratulations to Kashiwagi Yuki for her top 3 finish. I’ll analyse the other results later, just thought I’d give my initial thoughts now.

  4. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!! Kashiwagi can still be President… er, Prime Minister, or whatever.

  5. Happy with how most things turned out, Sashihara went up quite a bit which is cool, but it would’ve been nice to see Komori and Nito a bit higher….also, where the hell is Chikano Rina!!!

  6. I agree, the best news to come out of this is Ami making undergirls; but also Sakiko because I really didn’t see that one coming. Maybe because of all her radio work?

  7. The number 1 and 2 rank in AKB goes to Yuko and Atsuko (funny how Maeda’s name is the only one you have the given name first) while in SKE it would Rena and Jurina. Rena’s overtaking of Jurina might be the same as Yuko beating Atsuko last year. I’m predicting that next year Jurina will be ranked higher than Rena in the next election, even though I’m more of a Rena fan. Jurina’s managers would probably pull out all the stops to get her back in the top spot as far as SKE is concerned or at least in the media senbatsu ranks.

    And did anyone else notice that Itano’s ranking falls hand in hand with this year palm reading?

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