2011 AKB Elections: First Results are In

The first results are in, and while it’s not indicative of how the final results will be, it’s still a very interesting result. Click below for the full list and commentary!

And here it is:

1. Oshima Yuko (17156)
2. Maeda Atsuko (16452)
3. Kashiwagi Yuki (12056)
4. Takahashi Minami (8633)
5. Watanabe Mayu (8582)
6. Shinoda Mariko (8016)
7. Sashihara Rino (7357)
8. Itano Tomomi (6596)
9. Matsui Rena (SKE48, 6559)
10. Kojima Haruna (6534)
11. Miyazawa Sae (5157)
12. Takajo Aki (5096)
13. Minegishi Minami (3931)
14. Kitahara Rie (3860)
15. Kasai Tomomi (3102)
16. Matsui Jurina (SKE48, 2843)
17. Yokoyama Yui (2753)
18. Sato Amina (2684)
19. Masuda Yuka (2201)
20. Kuramochi Asuka (1793)
21. Takayanagi Akane (SKE48, 1761)
22. Nakagawa Haruka (1571)
23. Akimoto Sayaka (1502)
24. Hirajima Natsumi (1484)
25. Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48, 1444)
26. Umeda Ayaka (1441)
27. Miyazaki Miho (1378)
28. Suda Akari (SKE48, 1139)
29. Oota Aika (1129)
30. Hata Sawako (SKE48, 1118)
31. Kizaki Yuria (SKE48, 1053)
32. Ooya Shizuka (904)
33. Ooya Masana (SKE48, 885)
34. Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48, 854)
35. Sato Sumire (852)
36. Matsui Sakiko (814)
37. Ooba Mina (Research Student, 811)
38. Komori Mika (792)
39. Yagami Kumi (SKE48, 779)
40. Fujie Reina (778)

Of course there are a bunch of my personal frustrations, like “WHY THE HELL ISN’T MAEDA AMI OR TAKEUCHI MIYU LISTED?!”, but one must remember to take this list with a grain of salt. The final results are far from over, and there’s thousands of votes that have yet to be counted.

Kashiwagi Yuki has to be one of the biggest surprises, ranking currently in 3rd, and many of the research students are fairing way better than I expected(almost TOO well). Also, the addition of NMB and the popular SKE is proving to be a bit taxing on the line-up, pushing more AKB members out of the race, leaving no trace of hope in hell for “theater girls” to squeeze in.

But as always, the coveted Media Senbatsu spots are where much of the action will be at— where just one change in rankings will be enough to create fan riots. As “crazy” as the current standings are in the top ten, many of them are separated by less than a thousand votes. Every year more and more votes get extremely close which to me shows that there is a lot of equal support for many members, but it’s just unfortunate that for fans and many of the girls, the number they’re saddled with become too personal. Nevertheless, this is a chance to get results straight from the fan’s pockets, and we’ll see how the second results go.

If you want to see exactly how different this year’s early results are in comparison to last year’s final results, Moy from Nihongogo created this extremely helpful diagram:


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  1. Biggest disappointments for me are Sayaka not placing in senbatsu and 1/4th of the spots going to non-AKB members. But I do realize that it can drastically change, so I’ll stay optimistic.

    Something interesting I noticed, the only members that got increases from last year are ones that are in sub-groups (besides Takayanagi and Rena)

  2. You may fall a few places but I’ll still love you Jurina.

  3. No Maeda Ami???… absolute blasphemy! D:

    It’s at least comforting to see Takahashi move back up into the top 5, but Mariko moved down 3 spots and surprisingly Mayu remains in the same spot. I figured Mayu would’ve moved up at least one spot. I can’t wait to see how the final results will turn out.

  4. bluedarkness12

    As long as Minegishi is media senbatsu this year and matsui rena is above matsui jurina at the end of this, I will be satisfied

  5. Well Good and bad for me, Yuki in 3rd is good news, I know there is a way to go but getting of to a good start is nice to see, most of us Yuki fans were hoping for 7th spot this year, maybe that seems attainable now, perhaps more. the thin that got me was the gap, ok we all knew that Yuko and Acchan would be out in front (though I though maybe Itano to this year…) but I did not expect Yuki to have pulled a gap of about 3.5k on takamina, even if it is only one day.

    Mixed feelings about the rest though, I feel resigned to accepting that alot of AKB members I like are gonna be stuck in the Theater girls forver now (like Haachan, Nakayan and Natsumii) which is a bummer as they are obviously pushed out by the other groups…. but I do like Nana and Sayaka Yamamoto, and Kuumin and Akane and Oba Mina and others….. difficult to know where to stand on it as an issue…. Maybe now SKE should go have their own elections perhaps……

    Whatever Man, GO YUKI!!!

  6. Oh and one more thing, hoping for Yuka Masuda to be this years Harugon, I don’t care that she will have like nothing to do in a senbatsu pv or song, I just want to see her in there!!!

  7. Damn, look at Sashihara. From 19th to 7th.

    I do want Shinoda within top 5, but 6th is good enough haha.
    (Shit, I could probably earn money being a bookie for this kind of events haha)

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