2010 Idol Awards Categories!

The year is coming to an end and everything is looking more festive and cheery by the day.  What better way to celebrate the holidays than with us as we do a grand End-of-the-Year Idols Awards Show, giving recognition to all the great(and not so great) things that happened this year in the Idol world?

A complete list has been assembled for this year’s awards show and we put them under four large umbrella categories: Singles, PVs, Idols, and Assorted.

-Single of the Year (Best overall single, top ten)
-Best Newcomer Single (Best single by a new group)
-Most Disappointing Single (Single that utterly failed to meet expectations)
-Most Overlooked Single (Single that deserved more attention)

-PV of the Year (Best overall PV, top ten)
-Worst PV (top five)
-Best Choreography (top five)
-Best Set Design
-Strangest (The most peculiar and bizarre PV)
-Most Disappointing (PV that utterly failed to meet expectations)
-Guilty Pleasure

-Idols of the Year (Overall best output by an idol group, top three)
-Best Turn-Around (Biggest come-back from a lackluster state)
-Biggest Disappointment
-Most Potential (Most potential from newcomers)

-Best B-sides (top five)
-Best Album songs (top five)
-Best Album
-Best Cover Design (Most appealing cover designs, top five)
-Best Choreography Move (Best isolated move in a dance routine)
-Best Costumes (PV and/or performance costumes that need to be praised, top five)
-Worst Costumes (PV and/or performance costumes that need to be burned)
-Best/Worst Trends (Patterns that should continue or be discontinued)
-Personal Categories (Miscellaneous categories we have for any smaller subjects)

It’s packed!  We’ll put our personal top picks head-to-head and finally see where our tastes lie.  I personally can’t wait until we do the show; it’s been exciting just arranging my top lists.  The show will be around the end of this month, so look forward to it!


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