2010 AKB48 senbatsu results

results are in.

surprises, disappointments, and dispelled/confirmed suspicions await you after the jump.

1. maeda atsuko

2. oshima yuko

3. watanabe mayu

4. itano tomomi

5. shinoda mariko

6. takahashi minami

7. kashiwagi yuki

8. matsui rena – ske

9. miyazawa sae

10. kojima haruna

11. takajyo aki

12. ono erena

13. kasai tomomi

14. kitahara rie

15. minegishi minami

16. sato amina

17. sashihara rino

18. matsui jurina – ske

19. nakagawa haruka

20. miyazaki miho

21. akimoto sayaka

22. ohta aika

23. kuramochi asuka

24. masuda yuka

25. hirajima natsumi

26. komori mika

27. kikuchi ayaka

28. nito moeno

29. fujie reina

30. sato sumire

31. ishida anna – ske

32. ooya masana – ske

33. yagumi kumi – ske

34. ishida haruka

35. umeda ayaka

36. katayama haruka

37. yamauchi suzuran – research student

38. takayanagi akane – ske

39. oba mina – research student

40. yonezawa rumi

overall?  pretty pleased with the result as far as my big hopes go.  the members i’ve been hoping to get into/remain in senbatsu have come true for the most part, the biggest surprise being nakagawa haruka.  watanabe mayu’s popularity is growing dangerously close, encroaching on the sacred top two places that have been reserved for atsuko and yuko for a long time now.  as every election result comes in, all i can think about is how this could affect the next one.  it will no doubt have fans responding to this list directly by the time the second round results are in.  i’ll sum up my thoughts on a later post.

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