1st AKB Draft Results

A few months back, Dae and I out of curiosity and boredom simulated a mock draft. Much like fantasy sports we went down the list and selected our favorite members while trying to keep them away from the other. It became kind of a psychological battle as we both knew each other pretty well. There was a lot of maneuvering around each other trying to weigh for far a member would slide down before becoming vulnerable to getting scooped up by the opponent. We both found it a lot of fun and afterward we had quite a few conversations about where we made mistakes and which members we could have gotten at a better time.

Now approaching a second draft I’m even more excited. This time around it should be even more engaging. Initially we only went down forty choices leaving eight members unclaimed. Since then Dae and I have become MUCH more familiar with the members. I’ve also seen them live twice in Japan as well as attended the Janken tournament. We’ve both also broadened our close members as well as the ones we overlap in. Recently we’ve begun playing our picks close to the chest, trying to keep from tipping off of the other before the draft. Every bit of information is becoming more and more crucial to having a chance to get the perfect list.

And finally, we’re both feeling the tension of knowing each other’s weakpoints. At any moment either of us could go in and completely mess the other’s gameplan. I could pick one of his favorites, but is it worth it if it leaves me open to an equally as destructive counterattack? Is Dae mean spirited enough to resort to that? I guess we’ll find out on Draft Day.

Here are the results from the first draft if you’re interested. (By the way, HTML sucks on WordPress, hence the formatting problems)

Odds – Daniel
Evens – David

01 – Takahashi Minami
02 – Kojima Haruna
03 – Shinoda Mariko
04 – Miyazaki
05 – Maeda Ami

06 – Kitahara Rie

07 – Kashiwagi Yuki
08 – Takajyo Aki

09 – Ono Erena

10 – Maeda Atsuko

11 – Sato Amina
12 – Watanabe Mayu
13 – Oshima Yuko
14 – Miyazawa Sae
15 –
Kasai Tomomi

16 – Minegishi Minami
17 – Itano Tomomi
18 – Sashihara Rino

19 – Kobayashi Kana
20 – Masuda Yuka

21 – Komori Mika
22 – Nakagawa Haruka

23 – Sato Sumire
24 – Fujie Reina

25 – Ota Aika

26 – Hirajima Natsumi

27 – Matsubara Natsumi
28 – Oya Shizuka
29 – Nito Moeno
30 – Kuramochi Asuka

31 – Akimoto Sayaka
32 – Katayama Haruka
33 – Oku Manami

34 – Kikuchi Ayaka
35 – Iwasa Misaki

36 – Uchida Mayumi
37 – Natsuki Sato
38 – Nonaka Misato
39 – Ishida Haruka
40 – Nakata Chisato

Nakaya Sayaka, Matsui Sakiko, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Tanabe Miku, Yonezawa Rumi, Chikano Rina, and Mariya Suzuki

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