NSK 071 – Idol Overflow

Recorded November 11th, 2011.

A deluge of Idol content comes out this week with new videos from SKE48 and Watarirouka. Ue kara Mariko covers are released as well as the PV.

Kimi no Senaka – AKB48 Under Girls

Tanpopo no Kesshin – AKB48
Seishun wa Hazukashii – SKE48


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Ketchup Please
Battlefield 3 & Rocksmith
Dae’s Movie Reviews

Okey Dokey PV
Watarirouka 7 ‘Kibou Sanmyaku’ PV
Ue Kara Mariko Covers & PV
PASSPO album covers



  • Takahashi Ai in a Musical
  • Sayumi and the 10,000 Yen Project


  • AKB Ranks #1
  • Stamp Crash
  • Suzuki Shihori injured
  • Serina gets photobook
  • Mariko Magazine
  • Kojiharu x Kojima Productions
  • Oshima Yuko designs make it into FFXIII-2
  • Team YJ vs YM7
  • HKT48 MembersOther
  • Nogizaka 46 Meiji CM
  • Fairies second single
  • Idoling!! in Yakuza PSP game.

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The New Maeda Atsuko & Takahashi Minami Pair?

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Super Duper Question

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  1. as for the Mariko PV, I was worried too, but the dance shot is something different.
    at least in the live perfoemace, the choreography is completely Mariko centered. the dance they showed in the PV was amazing! Did u see them jairating ?! lolsz

    I want another Sakura no Shiori song. I love the choir style of singing from a big group.

    Nogizaka46 is coming out a single before years end too. I think JKT48 as well….oh, and no3b too.

    The fall of the 48 could mean the rise of the 46 brand.hehe, AkiP u Sly devil u lol

    Lyrics for Ur Kara Mariko:
    You’re older and live as you please,
    Even I can’t predict your next move.

    Though in a crowded place
    You turn around and insist I kiss you

    Mariko high and mighty! You sadistic girl!
    It’s like you’re testing my love for you, forcing me to show
    Why so suddenly? Why do you close your eyes?
    Are you serious? Or is this just a joke?

    The years between us make it thrilling; it’s like a ferris wheel
    You move my heart and make it jump

    When I hesitate, as if trying to encourage me,
    You mumble “What a coward!”

    Greedy Mariko, you selfish one!
    Testing other’s love
    Why now? Why here?
    Are you really serious? Or just maybe?

    You’re shy, yet teasingly you pout your lips

    Mariko high and mighty! You sadistic girl
    Like testing my love for you, you force me to show
    Why so suddenly? Why do you close your eyes?
    Are you serious? Or is this just a joke?

    You’re older than me
    But more adorable than anyone
    Older than me
    Still, to me, always the teenage

    • Also, When AKB starts to decline, I don’t see NMB sinking with them like I imagine SKE could. Maybe because I’m bias towards the Kansai Region, but calling them Namba idols, Kansai idols, and as popular they became so fast, I think all of Kansai will at least stand behind them.
      As long as the ppl see them as idols carrying the pride of the region.
      A idol groups who’s puts their pride of their hometown/prefexture/region on their shoulders and shows all of Japan that, especially a contender for Top Idol group, the ppl they want to represent to stand with them. But Kansai ppl being some of the most prideful in Japan, NMB I think will have the least worries. Just as long they continue what they’re doing on a higher level and don’t forget who they rep as they become popular.

      • Hey! Thanks for listening and leaving comments! In the past, I have heard about the pride of the Kansai region, so I can see NMB still having relevance after AKB has fallen out of the mainstream. I wouldn’t count on NMB becoming a million seller, but I do think you are right in thinking that they will have some strong local support. If they change their marketing to emphasize the whole, “straight from Kansai, local idol group” then I think they’ll definitely still have a fighting chance for years to come. Perhaps this is part of Akimoto’s plan, to create many local 48 groups and just have them represent their respective regions.

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